Stellar™ PSA & UV Wide Format Laminate & Adhesive

GVDirect's Stellar™ pressure-sensitive laminates and adhesives are known widely in the industry for their outstanding quality. Manufactured to very-high standards, our wide-format series is available up to 62” wide, and all are suitable for outdoor use. Excellent for substrates that are heat-sensitive, our 1.0-2.0 mil Cast, 3.0 – 5.0 mil Calendared, and 1.0 mil Dry-Erase laminates are easily applied on nearly any wide-format laminator. Stellar™ Cast laminates are typically used on high end car wraps and decals, while Calendared laminates work well on graphics and wide-format posters, and Dry-Erase films are utilized on calendars and whiteboards.

GVDirect™ also offers a wide range of Stellar™ Mounting Adhesives, in both permanent and removable, white and clear. Excellent for nearly any type of wide-format board or bond application, Stellar™ adhesives are safe, extremely durable, and have a very high-quality bond strength.