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Surelam III-540 Thick Film Upgrade Kit

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    If you are running mainly heavy gauge films then we recommend ordering this  thick gauge film option. 1/2 speed gearbox is installed to allow slower start speeds for more even heat output. With thick films we have found it works best to start laminating slow and slowly speed up laminator to ensure the heated rollers remain heated for maximum productivity.

    With standard gearbox laminator runs fairly fast on speed 1 and right after pressing "start" the surface of the rollers cools quickly with thick films running. It takes a couple minutes for the temp sensor to send signal back to control board which then turns on the infrared heat lamps inside the heated rollers. It takes a couple minutes more for the infrared lamps to start transfering the heat to the surface of the silicone coated rollers. The Surelam III-540 runs oversided heaters with 220 volt so they really have heating capacity but right at start up it works better running slower. Order this kit and you won't be dissappointed! If you are running Teslin with 10 mil for credit card applications etc... then this is your solution! 

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